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Singing call with harmonies by Mike Sikorsky and Allison Lamont, based on a song by The Earls (1962) and Sha Na Na (1969). Released April 25, 2019.
MAP 1033Remember ThenVocal$8.00cartAdd To Cart
Extended-length hoedown based on the song by Kool And The Gang. Released April 30, 2018.
MAP 1032H Ladies' NightSample$6.00cartAdd To Cart
Originally by The Orlons in 1961, this is a fun song featuring a sax solo in the middle break and background vocals by Mike (bass) and Alison Lamont. Released March 30, 2018.
MAP 1031Don't Hang upVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
A Selena Gomez song, including both a male vocal by Mike and a female vocal by Shauna Kaaria (courtesy Chic Recordings), Courtney Sewell and Janienne Alexander. Released January 4, 2018.
MAP 1030Love You Like A Love SongVocalGirls' Vocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
A song by the Walker Avenue Gang, originally "Bad Man Road." The references are to the Frank James/Cole Younger outlaw band. Includes an alternate vocal by Patty Greene (courtesy of Royal Records), Courtney Sewell and Janienne Alexander; theirs is "Bonnie's Version" (as in "Bonnie and Clyde"). Released May 20, 2017.
MAP 1029Bad Bad RoadVocalGirls' Vocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
Re-release of a MAP hoedown originally created in May of 2007. This is an extended 16-minute version — no need for looping! ReReleased April 13, 2017.
MAP 1028H Rain DanceSample$6.00cartAdd To Cart
Singing call based on a song by Gene Pitney (YouTube video of original). Includes tracks both with and without background vocals / harmony. Released August 11, 2016.
MAP 1027Love My Life AwayVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP's first singing call release of 2016 is based on a song by the German group 'The Donots.' Released January 27, 2016.
MAP 1026Come Away With MeVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
A new singing call co-produced by Mike Sikorsky and Wade Driver, and based on the song by Brian Setzer. Released November 25, 2015.
MAP 1025Cock A Doodle Don'tVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
This hoedown was based on the Brett Eldredge country song Lose My Mind. Released October 22, 2015.
MAP 1024H Lose My MindSample$6.00cartAdd To Cart
See You Later Alligator (MAP 1023) is co produced by Mike Sikorsky and Wade Driver (Rhythm Records). The song lyrics have been reconfigured so See You Later Alligator works GREAT as your final singing call of the night. Released February 8, 2015.
MAP 1023See You Later AlligatorVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
The hoedown H Cadillac (MAP 1022) was released April 19, 2014. It is available as a seven minute hoedown (MAP 1022) and a fourteen minute hoedown (MAP 1022x). The fourteen minute version is the seven minute version copied and pasted to double the length of the hoedown. The pasting seam has instruments played over it so you will not even hear the paste point. When ordering please select MAP 1022 (seven minute version), MAP 1022x (fourteen minute version) or both. If ordering both, each will be a separate item (and charge) in your shopping cart. Thank you.
MAP 1022H CadillacSample$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1022xH Cadillac (extended 14-min)$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1021Summer SoundsVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1020HauntedSample$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1019TornadoVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1018My First, My Last, My EverythingVocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart
MAP 1017Bubbly (Wherever You Go)Vocal$6.00cartAdd To Cart